EoL and EoSL

Maximize your investment by extending the life of your medical equipment

What you need to know about EoL and EoSL

As your medical equipment ages, your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) may inform you that a product has reached its end of life (EoL) or end of service life (EoSL). These designations don’t necessarily mean that your medical equipment will suddenly cease to function; rather, these indicate a shift in OEM support for that specific product.

What is end of life (EoL)?

When an OEM designates a piece of equipment as EoL, they are indicating that they will discontinue the production of that particular product. This may be because the OEM has plans to release a new generation of medical equipment or create an entirely different product altogether. Medical equipment providers like A+ Medical Company can still support EoL systems.

What is end of service life (EoSL)?

When an OEM declares EoSL for a product, it signifies that they will cease providing any form of support. This also means obtaining replacement parts or accessories may prove extremely challenging, if not impossible. If a provider does offer additional maintenance for EoSL equipment, they may charge a premium for their services.

Frequently asked questions

Let us address your biggest questions and concerns about EoL and EoSL equipment

EoL equipment means you will no longer receive firmware updates or patches for the specific product, and you will have to pay for an extended service contract to get maintenance or technical support.
No, you do not need to purchase a new system immediately upon reaching EoL or EoSL. Your equipment should continue to function effectively with proper maintenance and care.
The life span of your system after it’s designated EoL depends on various factors, including the type of equipment, the quality of maintenance, and the availability of replacement parts. With diligent care and expert support, it can continue to operate for several years past its EoL date.
After EoL, parts may become less accessible from the OEM, potentially making these harder to procure. However, third-party parts providers may offer alternatives to source necessary components.
Technical support will cease for equipment deemed EoL and EoSL, but some providers may offer extended service contracts for additional costs. However, in most cases, you may need to rely on alternative third-party support companies.

A+ Medical can support your EoL equipment

If your equipment has reached its end of life, we can provide comprehensive service to extend its usability and maximize your existing investment. Here’s what we offer:

Replacement parts

Our extensive inventory of replacement parts ensures that you can easily access the components you need to keep your EoL medical equipment in optimal working condition.

Prolonged equipment life span

Our connections to expert vendors and technicians enable us to fix and repair clinical laboratory and medical equipment after the OEM has stepped back.

Upgrades on your timetable

We understand the importance of planning for equipment upgrades on your terms. With our support, you can decide when the time is right for your organization to transition to new equipment, avoiding pressure from OEM timetables.

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