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Healthcare organizations depend on medical imaging systems to accurately diagnose and treat patients. If an important component in an X-ray machine, an MRI, or a CT scanner is not functioning optimally, the rest of the equipment may be compromised, directly impacting the quality of patient care. It’s therefore vital for healthcare organizations in South Carolina to be well-connected with a reliable imaging replacement parts supplier like A+ Medical Company.

We understand that the performance and durability of medical equipment hinge on the availability of high-quality imaging parts. Our mission is to ensure that healthcare providers in South Carolina have access to dependable imaging replacement parts that can keep their equipment operating at peak performance.

A+ Medical Company specializes in the purchasing and selling of imaging replacement parts. Our rigorous testing and verification processes ensure that each part meets the stringent standards required for critical medical applications. With our support, you can confidently maintain your medical equipment, minimize downtime, and continue to provide the highest level of care to your patients.

Why choose A+ Medical Company as your imaging replacement parts supplier?

Extensive selection

Our stock is chock-full of rare and affordable imaging replacement parts. We can help you find the exact replacements you need, from X-ray machine parts to CT scanner components.

New stock, every day

We update our stock daily so our clients get access to the latest replacement imaging parts as soon as these become available in the market.

Minimized downtime

Our rapid delivery of replacement parts, expert guidance, and professional deinstallation help you quickly get the equipment you need. This means less disruption to your daily operations.

Warranty coverage

We stand by the quality of our replacement parts. To provide you with peace of mind, all our imaging replacement parts come with a 180-day warranty, ensuring that you receive reliable and dependable components.

Easy ordering process

Whether you're in urgent need of a critical part or planning for routine maintenance, our user-friendly ordering system provides a hassle-free experience. Simply place an order online or call our team for a specific replacement imaging part.

Quality assurance

No imaging replacement part leaves our facility without undergoing strict quality control processes. Our company adheres to ISO 9001:2008 certification best practices, so even secondhand machine parts uphold the highest industry standards.


A+ Medical Company offers a comprehensive range of imaging replacement parts for various medical equipment, including but not limited to X-ray machines, MRI scanners, CT scanners, ultrasound equipment, bone density scanners, mammography systems, fluoroscopy machines, nuclear medicine systems, and PET/CT scanners.
Finding the right replacement parts is easy with A+ Medical Company. Simply contact us with the make and model of your equipment, and we’ll guide you through the selection process to ensure you receive compatible and high-quality replacement parts. Our experienced team is ready to assist you in identifying the exact parts you need.
Yes, we offer in-house repair services for various medical imaging equipment and parts that we are capable of testing and repairing. If you have equipment or parts that require repair, our experienced team can evaluate and restore them to full functionality.
The costs of imaging replacement parts vary depending on the type of part, its manufacturer, and its compatibility with your equipment. Contact us directly for specific prices.

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Megan Spisak

Imaging Sales Associate

Megan started with A+ Medical this year and is a recent graduate of Winthrop University holding a Bachelor’s in Science. Megan is highly motivated and dedicated to serving our clients and providing exceptional service and going above and beyond to meet our clients needs. Megan believes in the power of personalized experiences and building strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

Megan is an SC native. She is originally from Tega Cay, South Carolina. When she is at work, she enjoys spending time outdoors and listening to live music. She enjoys beach and mountain weekend trips with her family and her favorite vacation spot is the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Megan also is an avid animal lover and enjoys volunteering and walking dogs at shelters in her free time.